Why is Fur a Good Insulator?

Toasty warm, furry coats have been the go-to for those living in cold climates throughout history. Fur is a natural insulator that is warmer than its synthetic counterparts, and you’ll look fabulous while staying warm as well.

So why is fur a good insulator?  Why do they keep you cozy on the coldest of days?  Well, the iconic coats come with a few layers of insulation and fur – which traps ambient air around your body, thus creating a layer of insulation from external cold weather conditions.

Why are fur coats sought after?

There are two primary reasons anyone chooses a coat, and that is style and comfort. People want a coat or jacket that looks great and fashionable and something that will keep them toasty all year long.

Fur coats check both blocks.

Timeless elegance, impeccable class, and chic.

Silver and Red Fox Jacket with HoodFur coats have been a staple in the fashion industry for years. Throughout history, they’ve been a favorite of nobility and royalty as a status symbol. From mink to chinchilla, this holds even today.

Men and women both wear furs to demonstrate exceptional class, make bold statements, and stand out as an icon of fashion. Rightfully so, because when you need to make a statement, furs do the trick.

Unmatched comfort and warmth.

For most people, style is not the only criterion they look for when shopping for a coat – comfort also comes into play. Fur coats will keep you warm even in freezing temperatures at higher elevations or northern states where it can get quite cold during the winter months.

For centuries humans have been wearing furs to keep them warm in the coldest climates. Not much has changed because fur coats are still cozier than their modern, synthetic counterparts.

When you’re looking for something luxurious in any weather condition, fur is the way to go. Whether you’re braving out a snowstorm or walking to your car in a sleet storm, a fur coat will keep you cozy.  You might be interested in something shorter like a stroller, or maybe a full length jacket, you’ll still have the same cozy feel.

The iconic coats have several things going for them that keep you warm all day long – they have layers!

There are several layers to a fur coat.

A fur coat typically has several components that keep you warm on frigid days. While all jackets have three main features (shell, lining, filler), fur jackets have three, but slightly different.

  • Lining. This is where the smooth and silky comfort comes from. This part of the jacket makes contact with your skin, so comfort is vital. The jacket’s lining is typically made of some synthetic material such as silk, satin, or polyester. These can also be made with more traditional materials like wool. While comfort is one of the primary functions of the lining, the lining can be made either lightweight or heavyweight to give you more warmth.
  • Pelt. This is the skin of the fur that is attached to the lining. Since fur coats don’t have a filler like other traditional coats, they have a pelt. This is typically a thick layer that the fur attaches to.
  • Fur. The words pelt and fur are often interchanged because they’re nearly the same, but the fur is the actual hair attached to the pelt. This is the external component of the coat that gives the garment its iconic and beautiful look. It’s also the primary component that is responsible for keeping you warm.

Keep in mind, this is what a traditional fur coat consists of. There are other styles as well, such as coats that have a fur lining and shearling shell. They all function similarly but try them on to see which is best for you.

How does fur retain heat?

It’s nature’s insulator, so naturally, it will keep you warm through any weather conditions. But how does it do it? What makes fur an excellent insulator that makes fur coats not only beautiful and luxurious but cozy and comfy as well?

It all has to do with the air itself.

The fur traps warmer ambient air around the coat. This stationary air then creates a layer of insulation from colder external air from penetrating the coat. This is the same way a down jacket or sleeping bag works; they keep a layer of air between you and the colder air.

Keep in mind that the pelt and lining of a jacket still play a critical role in keeping you warm as well. A heavyweight liner can help keep your body heat in the coat, but the fur keeps the colder air out.

Fur coats are the warmest, without a doubt.

Compared to other coats out on the market, there’s a reason fur coats have been around as long as they have. They’re simply the best, warmest coats you can buy.

When you live in colder climates such as New Jersey or New York, you need a jacket that will keep you warm regardless of what mother nature has in store.

In the market for a new fur coat?

If you’re looking for a genuinely great jacket that will keep you warm all season long, look no further than a fur coat. They’ll not only keep you warm but also give you attractiveness and style that cannot be matched by any other jacket on the market today.

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