What's The Difference Between Fur And Wool

What’s the Difference Between Fur and Wool?

You’re in the market for a new coat to keep you warm throughout the chilly winter months; however, you’ve found yourself on the fence between a glamorous wool coat or a luxurious fur jacket. But which one is better and which do you choose?

In the end, it comes down to personal preference of style and which you think will work better for different situations.

We will discuss each of these materials and some of their advantages. Hopefully, by the end, you’ll have a good idea of what works best for you and your taste.

What is wool?

Wool Yarn Up Close

Sometimes known as fleece, cashmere, or tweed, wool is a natural fabric from the soft undercoat of sheep and other animals.

Man has used wool to make clothes for thousands of years. Its dense and insulating properties kept people warm long before it became fashionable.

Many people love wool because it is made without harming an animal. That’s right. The wool is pulled from the animal using an electric shearing razor. Many people love that they’re sustainably getting a natural material.

Wool is perfect for coats because it is a natural insulator. The dense fibers of the wool keep the heat in, which is ideal for keeping you warm in the winter. Wool is also water-resistant, which helps to keep you dry in the rain.

One of the most common uses of wool is in socks, shirts, and coats. However, it is also sometimes used in sweaters or gloves.

So, you’re convinced wool is excellent and might be what you’re after, but how does it stack up to fur?

What is fur?

Grays And Blacks In Fox Fur

Fur is a natural fabric that comes from the skin of animals. It is most commonly used to make coats, hats, gloves, and other clothing items. Fur consists of long animal hairs that provide protection and warmth.

Like its wool counterpart, furs have also been used to keep people warm for millennia. These days it’s just as much as a fashion statement as it is practical in keeping you warm.

Fur does, unlike wool, require entire animal pelts to create a garment. Depending on the type of fur, it can take many hides to make a single fur coat.

Fur is most commonly used for coats, hats, gloves, and other articles of clothing. Furs are also used to make trim, ornaments, and other decorative items.

The versatility, style, and insulating properties make fur highly sought after.

What makes wool better than fur?

The ability of wool to keep you warm even when it’s wet is one of its most significant advantages over other materials, including fur.

This is due to its excellent absorbency, which allows it to retain moisture for longer than other textiles before you notice dampness.

Wool keeps you dry by removing moisture from your body and preventing cold, wet surfaces from touching your skin. This is also why, unlike fur, wool is used as some undergarments such as shirts or socks.

What makes fur better than wool?

While wool is excellent at keeping you warm even when it gets wet, fur still reigns supreme at keeping you warm in general.

One of the main reasons that fur is such a good insulator is that it is made up of tiny, close-together fibers spanning several layers, including down, awn, and guard hairs. Each of these layers serves a purpose in keeping you warm and protecting you from the elements.

These fibers create tiny air pockets between them, trap heat and keep you warm.

So, overall, one is not necessarily better than the other. Most of the time, people choose one over the other as a style preference but keep in mind that there are slight differences in how they perform.

Which is best for you?

This depends on what look you’re going for and, most of all, what type of garment you are seeking. There are great options in both wool and fur, but these two fabrics are different looks altogether.

The best way to choose the suitable fabric is by researching the functionality of each and the styles they’re used in.

Learning about both fabrics will help give you an idea of what would be best for different situations.

However, wool tends to be favored in most cases because it is much more versatile than fur. Wool can easily keep you warm during the winter months and breathe well during the summer heat.

While fur is usually what you want if you’re looking for a statement piece, such as a floor-length coat, cape, or scarf, fur is excellent at making you look and feel fabulous while keeping you warm on a winter walk.

Considering the pros and cons of both, they are both great options for clothing items.

However, which you choose is up to your style!

Wool is the fabric that most people are familiar with. It’s typically used for clothing, blankets, and other textiles in colder climates because it retains heat well even when wet.

On the other hand, fur is more of a statement piece- something you wear to make yourself look glamorous or stylish rather than keep warm.

Both fabrics have their benefits, however, so if you’re looking for warmth while still being able to stay fashionable, then either wool or fur will work out well for you.


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