Brown Cross Sheared Mink Coat with Finn Raccoon Collar

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This 100% real brown cross sheared mink coat combines the luxurious mink with the plushness of Finn raccoon on the collar.

  • Fur Type: Mink, Finn Raccoon
  • Size: 10/12
  • Length: 26″

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This luxurious mink coat will make cold days comfortable and perfect for the winter. The sheared white fur is soft, warm, and lightweight. Layer it with a silk or cashmere underlay to enhance its warmth even more.

Mink is a Timeless Classic

Mink is a timeless classic, loved by many because of its warmth, softness, and durability. It also has many benefits that are not found in other types of fur. Mink fur is warm when wet which makes it great for climates that are cold and often wet. It is also much easier to clean when it gets dirty than other types of fur because the hairs are less dense in the fabric.

Pair with a Finn Raccoon Collar for Extra Comfort

Finn raccoon fur is fantastic for jackets because it’s plush and luxurious. It’s a fluffier fur that results in a more comfortable wear. It also provides extra protection against the cold! Finn raccoon is thin, allowing for great warmth without adding bulk to the coat.

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