Blue Fox Stroller, Jacket, and Vest

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Fashionable, sleek, and stylish white fur is the ultimate touch to any winter outfit. Wrap yourself up in a Blue Fox jacket and vest combo for warmth plus style!

  • Fur Type: Fox
  • Size: 12/14

If you require a certain size or color, please contact the store or go there. We have far more furs in our shop than we do on our website.

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The blue fox stroller, jacket, and vest is a well-made 3-in-1 that includes a jacket and vest combo with thick fur. The plush fur coat keeps you warm in the cold New Jersey winter months.

Quality Fur Makes this Stroller Stand Out

Elegant touches can be found wherever you look. The coat’s luxurious, white fur is anything but ordinary. But it doesn’t stop there. It has an underfur of lush, long hairs that gives the jacket its weight—a must for staying warm at night or on cold days alike.

High-quality stitching keeps this outerwear durable to ensure a product you will enjoy again and again. Additionally, the hook and eye closing add a touch of class while keeping the furry stroller securely closed.

Beautiful, Elegant, and Classy

This blue fox stroller jacket is a beautiful and elegant addition to your wardrobe. With its full design, you will feel like royalty as this coat functions as well as it looks.

The collar, cuff, and pockets of this coat are lined with silver fox fur for an extra stylish touch.

This elegant piece will complete any outfit. It’s easy to dress up or down thanks to its classic design.

The blue fox jacket is the perfect way to radiate elegance and sophistication. With its luxurious flair, this winter must-have will be one of your most treasured pieces for years or decades!