How To Store Fur Coats At Home

How to Store Fur Coats at Home

You went out and did it. At the beginning of the colder season, you bought yourself a luxurious fox or mink fur coat. It probably looks amazing on you. But as the warmer months are just around the corner, you’re wondering how do you store your fur coats at home?

If only it were that easy. While we will always recommend storing your garments with a professional furrier (you’ll see why in just a minute), we do have some tips for those that insist on keeping them at home.

Before we dive into the intricacies of fur storage, let’s talk about why it’s essential.

Why fur coat storage is essential.

While furs are undoubtedly luxurious, cozy, and beautiful, they require special handling when it comes to storage. After all, a properly maintained and stored fur coat could last decades.

Regardless of where you live, chances are you’re not going to continue to wear that beautiful jacket all year long. No, at some point, you’re going to need to store it. Your first inclination might be to toss it on a hangar and stash it away in a closet.

If you want it to last, that would be the wrong thing to do.

A proper storage area needs to be cool, dry, and well-ventilated. This prevents mold from growing and allows the garment to retain its elegant sheen.

So what are the ideal long-term conditions for fur? We call it the 45/55 rule as it applies to both temperature and humidity.

The ideal temperature for storage.

You should keep your furs between 45°F and 55°F. This temperature range keeps the fur’s natural oils from breaking down.

The ideal humidity for storage.

Just like the temperature, the best humidity conditions should be between 45% and 55% humidity. This prevents mold from growing and also serves the oils.

The best way to store a fur coat.

If you’re looking at your Nest thermostat and wondering, how do you keep the temperature and humidity just right, you’re not alone. However, that’s why professional furriers offer cold storage options for all of your fur coats and accessories.

When you’re done wearing the elegant garment for the season in mid to late spring, head down and drop it off with your local furrier. Most furriers offer storage options, but if they don’t, they’ll know who does in the area.

They will usually conduct a thorough inspection of the fur, pack it up, wrap it up, and store it properly until you’re ready to pick it up the following season. Usually, it’s a full-service storage option. Professional furriers know precisely how to care for your luxury piece and will ensure it remains in top shape for the next time you’re ready to wear it.

How much does professional cold storage cost?

The total costs to store the fur depend on the location and total garments you have stored. However, in general, you can expect to pay anywhere between $50 to $150 for cold fur storage.

Like most things in life, costs vary greatly depending on where you live. Someone living in Chicago may pay different fees than someone in New York. More competition in a given area could result in lower costs as well.

In addition to location, if you’re storing multiple garments, most furriers will offer a discount. So don’t hesitate to take your jacket, cape, and hat down to your local furrier for storage.

If you must, here’s what you need to do to store fur coats at home.

Fur Coat Hanger

Fur hangers are designed to retain the shape of the garment.

First of all, we highly discourage storing your furs at home. It’s challenging to get the conditions just right in your home.

So what do you do if storing at home is the only option? Here are a few considerations for keeping fur coats (or other accessories) at home.

  • Free hanging. Instead of folding up in a box or bag, be sure to hang the garments freely, so they retain their look and don’t get creases.
  • Proper fur hanger. Using a hanger designed for the weight and shape of the fur coat is essential to keeping the form. When a fur coat is on the wrong type of hanger for months on end, you might find the shoulders will lose their shape.
  • Let them breathe. Your first thought might be to wrap them in plastic to protect them. However, the proper way is to cover them with a cotton bag as that will allow the garment to breathe.
  • Avoid sunlight. Find a place that does not have direct sunlight on your garment. Sunlight has harmful UV rays that can affect the coloring of the hairs and dry out the garment.
  • Stay away from the basement. Many fur lovers want to place their jackets in the basement as it’s probably the coolest place in their house; however, keep in mind the basement typically has the highest humidity levels as well.
  • Watch out for pests. Lastly, make sure you store the fur in a place that is free of pests. Rodents and bugs find fur particularly appealing and will destroy a jacket quickly.

Fur coats are costly investments that will grace your wardrobe for years if properly maintained. If you must store them at home during the warmer months, be sure they are stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. You should also avoid storing them in areas with moisture or high levels of humidity.

The best way to store a fur coat would be at a professional furrier who will take care of all your cold-storage needs and ensure you never have to worry about how to keep your furs looking their best for years on end.

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