Fox Fur Used As Hood Trim On A Jacket

Everything You Need to Know About Fox Fur

Fox fur is one of the most elegant and luxurious types of fur that you can find. It’s got a beautiful, fluffy look that people love. And it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for red fox fur or blue because there are so many different varieties out there to choose from.

But what makes this type so unique? Let’s take a closer look.

Fox fur has an average price point compared to other types of fur like mink and sable. It is excellent for those who want something that looks luxurious but also wants their coat to be affordable.

What color do you prefer? One thing about this type is the variety of colors. You can find fox fur in nearly every possible color. There are red, orange, yellow, brown, white, gray, and blue varieties.

We’re going to dive in and break down why fox is an ideal fur for you.

Elegance and class on a level of its own.

If you’re in the market for a new fur coat but have a limited spending budget, you’ll be excited to discover fox fur coats.

Fox furs are long and silky, with a lot of body to them. They also resist moths very well, so they keep their beauty for a long time before needing cleaning or repair. This makes them an attractive option if you’re looking for something that’s not too pricey but still looks classy.

Fox fur coats are also very popular with celebrities and other public figures. They’re easy to wear and care for, and they look rich and sophisticated when you put them on.

What makes up fox fur?

Grays And Blacks In Fox FurFrom the outer layer and working inward, fox fur has three layers: guard hairs, awn hairs, and down hairs.

Guard hairs provide a protective overcoat.

Guard hair forms the outer coat’s outer layer, which protects the undercoat at the root from the elements. When you touch them straight on, they have a rough texture to them. They’re also longer than the awn and down hairs, which make up about two-thirds of the fur’s total length.

Awn hairs provide protection and comfort.

The awn hair is a cross between down and guard hairs, connecting the two distinct types of hairs. Awn hairs being the intermediate hairs of the three, these hairs have two primary functions. Awn hairs provide a level of protection for the undercoat, just like the guard hairs, but also provide warmth and comfort like the down hairs.

Down hairs provide warmth and comfort.

The bottom or inner layer, known as underfur, comprises wavy or curly hairs with no distinct straight parts or sharp points. Down hairs, which are also flat, are the shortest and most numerous in the coat. The down hair’s primary function is warmth. It insulates a layer of dry air, making the coat comfortable and cozy.

What is fox fur used for?

Fox Fur Goes Well With Shoes And Other Accessories

Fox fur is one of the most widely used in the fashion industry. The fur is known for its luxurious feel, durability, and excellent color that will not fade over time.

You can find a whole range of items made from fox fur, including hats, boots, jackets, and vests. However, one of the most common uses of the pile is for trim and accenting items such as capes.

Whether it is a shearling or a lush mink coat, fox fur can accent these lush garments in the cuffs or the hood.

Is fox fur expensive?

Compared to other types of furs, the fox is relatively inexpensive. Now, this depends on various factors, but in general, it’s not as expensive.

Let’s use mink, for example. After all, mink is one of the most common types of furs out there. Fox is usually less expensive than mink because it takes just a fraction of the pelts required to make a mink coat than a fox coat. A fox fur coat might take five pelts, whereas a mink can take upwards of 33 pelts depending on the size and style.

Another factor that will determine the price of fox is the type of fox. Red Fox, for example, is usually less expensive than Platina Fox. Why? Well, the Red Fox is found all over the world; it’s ubiquitous. However, Platina Fox typically costs more than red fox because it’s only found in Norway, so reasonably rare.

The last major cost factor for fox is the quality of the piece. Coats and other garments manufactured in China are generally cheaper than those made in Europe. They often use remnants of previously used pelts to scrap together a cape or other garment instead of entire pelts.

As you can see, so many factors go into the price of a fox piece. However, you stand a better chance of finding an affordable fox coat than a mink or sable coat.

Most popular colors of fox fur.

Browns And Reds In Fox FurWhen it comes to coloring, one of the most common colors for fox is a reddish-orange color. That’s because it’s the natural color of one of the most common furs – the red fox.

However, there are so many other colors of fox, whether natural or dyed. That makes it one of the best furs when it comes to color. You can get these pelts in just about any color you can imagine.

For the natural furs, you can find them in red, blue, black, and silver – or various combinations of these. While red, black, and silver look just like they sound, the blue isn’t a vibrant royal or sky blue; they’re grayer. So when you hear of a blue fox jacket, think of darker, bluish-gray fur.

But for those that have a vibrant personality, fox furs can be dyed to any color you can imagine—thinking of a bright red to match your Louboutin heels? How about a lush purple to go with your Hermes handbag? If you can imagine it, it can be made.

Fox fur is one of the most widely used and versatile furs in the fashion industry. The fur is known for its luxurious feel, durability, and excellent color that will not fade over time. You can find a whole range of items made from fox fur, including hats, boots, jackets, and vests, but it’s also common to see trimming on coats or other garments such as capes because of how fluffy they are.

Regardless of what you’re going for, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for with fox fur.

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