Different Fur Coat Lengths that Will Make you Shine

If you’re in the market for a new fur coat, then you have options. While you may consider which type of fur you should get (i.e., mink, fox, coyote, etc.), you should also consider which kind of coat you should get.

Don’t get me wrong, fur type is essential for style, comfort, and durability, but coat length is equally as important.

Several classic styles have been around for decades, but they all have a timeless appeal to them. These enduring styles have survived this long, and we expect they’ll continue to make every fashionista shine on the city streets.

Full length.

Glamourous, fashionable, and timeless. That’s precisely how you would describe the full-length fur coat. This is what you wear when you’re trying to make a statement.

The full-length jacket covers 100% of your clothing, leaving nothing to bear, just as the name implies. Whether you’re wearing elegant evening wear or dressed down in jeans and a tee-shirt underneath, nobody else will know.

Seven-eighths length.

Starting to get slightly shorter, the seven-eights-length fur coat exposes just the bottoms of your pants. It’s the perfect length to wear over your work clothes and not look like you just stepped out of a fur salon.


A classy and versatile look for both men and women, the mid-calf jacket comes to the middle of the calf.

This stylish, warm jacket is perfect for women who love to show off their legs but not too much. Anyone can get away with this look whether they’re going for business-appropriate or attending a formal event.

While the mid-calf length has more exposure than other furs, it’s still classy enough not to be categorized as sexy.

Three-quarters length.

The three-quarter length jacket comes in around knee height or just above the knee. It covers three-quarters of your body to keep you warm while still providing a rich and classy look.


The stroller is a timeless classic that runs the shortest of the group and measures in around mid-thigh. Sure, it might not be as long as the rest, but it still provides a luxurious look and keeps you warm wherever you find yourself.

What length of fur coat should you get?

Seeing that you can get a jacket in just about any length imaginable, we can see why it’s a difficult decision. However, if you’re looking for some advice from the experts, fashionistas generally recommend shorter coats for shorter people and longer coats for taller people.

This is because longer coats tend to make shorter people appear shorter than they are. Now, if you’re able to pull it off and make it look marvelous – ahem – it makes you look fabulous, then go for it. It’s your style, so do what works best for you.

If you’re on the shorter end and you found a beautiful mink in a calf-length, don’t hesitate. Go for it!

Fur coats come in a variety of lengths, but which one should you get? The experts recommend shorter fur jackets for shorter people and longer ones for taller people. However, if you’re confident you can pull it off (and make it look marvelous!), then go for that! If your height is on the short end and found a beautiful mink at calf-length – don’t hesitate to buy it!

Here at Severyn Furs, we offer a wide variety of top-quality fur coats in all lengths to suit your needs. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with an unparalleled selection of furs, knowing that there are certain furs for specific styles.

Our experienced staff is always ready to help find the perfect style and fit, so feel free to stop by our showroom or contact us with any questions

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