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Fully Let Out Fur Coat

What Does it Mean to Fully Let Out Fur?

While many different materials can be used to create a coat, fur is the best choice for those who want an elegant and luxurious look that can withstand any weather the winter can throw at it.

If you’ve been a fur aficionado for a while, then it’s no surprise that fur coats come in different varieties, with some being more expensive than others. However, the most expensive fur coats are well worth it because they’re classy and beautiful. Depending on what style you prefer, there’s a type and style of a fur coat for you.

When an expert furrier is producing a fur coat, they use two main methods to create the garment. These include skin-on-skin or letting-out. Both look fantastic, but each process has a different look and style.

However, before we jump into the difference between skin-on-skin and letting-out, let’s discuss the basics of preparing the fur for production.

The process of producing fabulous fur coats.

Fur is different than any other material. Not just in the way it looks and feels but also in how it is produced. Producing a beautiful jacket or pair of gloves takes an expert furrier with years of experience. With the skills involved, it’s no wonder why authentic furs come with a hefty price tag. They are, however, so elegant and beautiful that they’re worth it.

To produce a jacket, the first step is identifying which pelts are suitable for the garment being made. Whether the fur is a mink for a luxurious coat or a silver fox for an elegant scarf, the furrier must gather several pelts to make the garment. The furrier may choose similar colored furs if they’re going for a more natural appearance. Still, they may decide to dye the fur whichever color they choose after the leathering process.

Once the furrier has the various pelts needed to make the item, the fur is then prepared. This involves thoroughly cleaning and softening the fur and fleshing and stretching it. The fur then goes through a leathering process to make the skin usable for stitching together.

With the pelts ready for production, it’s time to cut the hides for the style and design of the garment. This is where you may have heard of skin-on-skin or a fully let-out coat.

What is the skin-on-skin method of making a fur coat?

The skin-on-skin method of making a coat is the easiest and quickest way of producing a fur coat. Sure, it still takes skill and lots of time to make, but it’s more straightforward than the fully let-out method.

This process is when one full skin is sewn to another full skin. This is, in a sense, how most traditional articles of clothing are made. The skin-on-skin method is often used for smaller fur projects such as accessories and trimmings since it doesn’t require much material.

Overall, skin-on-skin products still look excellent and comfortable. However, they’re not going to cost you as much as a fully let-out product.

What is the letting-out method of making a fur coat?

The letting-out method of making a fur coat is more complicated and requires a seasoned furrier with the know-how. Unlike the skin-on-skin way, the letting-out process is when the craftsman cuts the furs into narrow strips and stitches them together into longer pieces that will run the length of the coat. You may have seen a fully let-out jacket or even heard of them; their elegance is unmatchable, and they exude class and sophistication.

In addition to being more complicated than the skin-on-skin method, this process also requires a more significant number of pelts to make.

Between the precision craftsmanship required and the extensive amount of materials needed, fully let-out fur products will cost more than skin-on-skin products.

Which style do you like the most?

It’s a matter of preference, but if you’re looking for something that looks amazing and has less of a price tag, skin-on-skin is the way to go. However, if you’re looking for something with more authenticity and quality, fully let-out products are your best bet.

Either way, the finished product will look amazing, and you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.

If you’re in the market for a beautiful fur coat for you or as a gift, reach out to us at Severyn Furs. One of our experts will gladly answer any questions you have.

When To Wear A Fur Coat

When to wear a Fur Coat and for What Occasions

When shopping for a fur coat to wear, it is essential to keep in mind what events or occasions you’ll wear it. Fur coats come in various styles and colors, and not all styles or colors are good for any occasion.

The color of the coat will depend on your personal preference, while the style will be more related to where you are wearing it or who you are with. For example, if you are going on a date, an elegant black shearling might be best suited for your outfit. If you want something less formal but still fashionable, try pairing your coat with jeans and a nice shirt – both of these outfits look stylish and professional without being too over-the-top.

Fur coats have become one of today’s most popular winter fashion statements that can be styled to work for any occasion!

To help you out with the decision, we’ve laid out a few scenarios and how you should approach them regarding your furs.

Fur coats are a stylish, timeless investment.

As the temperature drops, fur coats transition seamlessly from day-to-night looks to keep you warm and looking chic. There is a fur coat for every occasion!

The best fur coats are timeless styles that will keep their value over time. When choosing your perfect jacket, consider the cut of the garment first. Do you want something long or short? Sleek or boxy? From there, select a color that matches your style.

Depending on the cut and length of your fur coat, you can add layers underneath to add warmth and style!

Elegant and classy furs at formal events.

When you need to look your very best for a formal event, there is no better way than with a darker-colored or muted-colored elegant fur coat. Elegant furs can be worn on any formal occasion but are especially good for proms, galas, and weddings. Depending on the type of fur coat you choose, it can even work as part of an outfit for the office, but we’ll cover that in just a minute.

One of the best furs for a formal event, and a favorite of ours, is mink. A mink coat is a luxurious, classy choice for elegant fur. It is soft and warm but lightweight enough that you won’t be weighed down by it at any formal event.

Professional appeal as business attire.

Mens Fur For Business Attire

There are two ways to wear fur coats: dressed up and styled for formal business events, or casual and paired with jeans and a nice shirt. These outfits look fashionable and professional while still keeping the wearer warm and fuzzy on a chilly winter day!

If you’re going for a chic approach suitable for the office, you might want to consider a darker-colored shearling. These elegant garments provide a classy appeal with comfort – all while not going over the top. Darker colors are preferred for professional environments as they are more aggressive, but don’t hesitate to make a subtle statement with a navy or tan-colored shearling.

Casual and fun out on the town.

Wearing Fur For Casual Occasions

When you’re looking for something casual, just about any style, cut, and color will work well. However, when you’re doing you, there are no restrictions or social norms. You can wear whatever you want, so try something fun.

Ever thought of white fur? A white fur coat can be worn by itself paired with jeans or layered over a dress. White is the least formal of all furs, but it’s still perfect for wintertime activities like taking a stroll on the city streets or something more adventurous such as sledding.

Perhaps you’re looking for something with a little more spunk and fun; go with a brightly colored fox. It has the elegance of the fluffy fox fur but the panache of a brightly colored coat.

However, if you want to tame it just a bit, you can’t go wrong with black. A black fur gives any outfit just a hint of glamour. Whether you’re hanging out with friends or going out to dinner, black keeps you warm while flattering your figure and adding the right amount of sophistication to your look.

Top off your ensemble with glamourous fur accessories.

Whichever event you’re going to, be it a wedding, the office, or just a casual stroll, be sure to top off your outfit with a gorgeous fur piece. There are so many options to choose from.

Classic fur accessories include muffs, stoles, wraps, and capes – among other chic items. These pieces are not only good for keeping you warm in the winter months but will also give your outfit an instant pop of glamour.

The best part is, while classic fur accessories tend to be sophisticated, they’re easily integrated into nearly any type of ensemble. For more casual occasions, choose accessories that give off a more natural and relaxed look – for example, fur accessories in earth tones such as browns and beiges. These colors will easily pair with any outfit and will result in a laid-back but polished look. In the workplace, pair darker colors for grace and elegance with your professional attire.

You can go with so many options, and some cute accessories will take your fur coat to the next level.

Which is the best for you?

It’s important to know when to wear a fur coat and the event you’re attending before choosing which fur coat to wear. Consider both your surroundings and your personality and come up with a style that works for you.

So to answer the question, which is best? It depends, but there’s no wrong answer. Fur coats are beautiful and flattering, so whether you choose a white fur or a black fur coat – or even something in between, you will look stunning!

Mink In Casual Wear

Why Mink is the Best Fur for You

Mink In Casual Wear

The mink fur coat is the perfect choice for any fashionista. Of course, there are other options, but there’s just something about mink that makes it so popular.

It’s a timeless classic, with an elegant silhouette that never goes out of style. The lush texture and rich colors are luxurious in every sense of the word. They’re great for any occasion and compliment just about anything in your wardrobe.

Those who wear them are instantly perceived as confident, bold, and sophisticated women who know what they want—and how to get it. But before you go out and buy one, there are some things you should know about these coats.

First off, they can be pricey! That’s the cost of luxury, but it’s worth it. When you buy a mink coat or other type of accessory, you stand out and look phenomenal. However, keep in mind, they’re not nearly as expensive as some other furs such as chinchilla, which is generally one of the most expensive pelts you can buy.

Secondly, it’s important to remember that not all furs are created equal; different producers make varying levels of quality. So make sure the mink coat you’re buying is going to hold up.

With a mink, you get just a bit of everything – the looks, the warmth, and the long-lasting durability you expect with a purchase like this.

Let’s take a look at why mink is the finest fur for you.

What is Mink?

Mink is lush and elegant fur found primarily in fur coats – both short and long – but also in accessories such as vests, hats, and other garments.

But what makes them sought after for their fur? After all, there are plenty of other types of pelts out there.

The reason it’s so coveted is it’s one of the softest and most elegant furs you’ll ever feel. Their fur is ideal for coats and other accessories and it is truly remarkable.

The guard hairs of a Mink’s fur are the ones that give it its luster and color. Their length is also essential because short-haired coats like mink are popular these days, whereas long-haired furs are seen mainly in trim.

  • Guard hairs are fine, soft, and strong hairs that cover the base of the animal’s body. They help to protect it from external factors such as insects and dirt.

Mink fur coats are trending!

Mink coats are currently in trend because they allow you to try something low-maintenance, luxurious, and worn with just about anything. To be quite honest, mink rarely ever comes out of trend.  This is why you can often find vintage mink furs – they’ve been around a long, long time.

Historically one of the most popular furs, mink is extraordinarily versatile and can come in a wide range of styles.

Whether you’re looking for something sporty, to more of a casual vibe, to something on the higher-end of formal, mink fits in with it all.

Those beautiful guard hairs gleam with a distinctive sheen, and the underfur should be lush and smooth. If you’re going for a specific look, you may dye mink almost any color you want, giving you control over the final hue.

Mink coats look and feel luxurious.

In addition to their rich and versatile look, they also feel equally as luxurious and warm. 

Mink fur coats are made from a soft, thick undercoat protected by a top layer of wavy guard hairs. This makes the coat extremely warm and comfy – just how nature intended it to be. The layers protect you from the wind and elements while keeping you cozy and dry underneath.

One would expect that a fur this nice would probably need to be well taken care of. However, they would be wrong. It’s one of the most durable types out there, which makes it one of the reasons it’s an excellent choice for your closet.

Outlast all other types of furs in durability

Remember earlier when we discussed the mink’s guard hairs? Well, those guard hairs on a mink coat are what give it not only a luxurious feel but also its long-lasting durability.

This makes mink an incredibly durable fur for your collection. 

Their fur is more durable than others because it’s natural fur, not plucked or sheared.

While you should continue to store your fur when not in season and regularly maintain them if you want them to last the test of time, comparatively, they require much less maintenance than other furs.

Mink fur coats are the best type of fur for your sophisticated fur collection. Mink is durable, warm, and soft to touch. The versatility adds even more reason to purchase mink.

If you need a new mink coat or looking to buy one as a gift, we recommend that you stop by our store. We have an excellent selection of different styles and colors, so there should be something perfect for everyone on your list this holiday season. Stop by today if you want fast service with excellent customer care!