6 of the Best Furs for Coats and Accessories

Fur coats are a time-honored tradition in the cold weather months. Fur has been used for years to keep people warm and is still one of the most popular choices for winter wear today.

But with so many different types of fur available, it can be hard to figure out which type is best in what situation. The different types of furs with different coats and accessories make getting your collection together difficult.

We break down the different types of furs and what makes these the best furs for coats and accessories for your collection.


Chinchilla FurChinchilla is a thick fur which is a great choice for coats, jackets, vests, and strollers. With long fur, chinchilla fur looks best in coats that are knee-length or longer, but with the right colors and design, they still look great in shorter jackets.

Chinchilla fur is a type of fur that is durable but of a very fine-haired variety, making it a good option for use in cold weather. They have been worn by women for centuries due to their ease of dressing, lightweight, and silkiness.

While it is one of the most expensive furs on the market, it’s worth noting that Chinchilla furs used in clothing have increased in popularity over the last few years. So, not only is this a popular fur, but it’s also one of the best furs for coats.


Red Fox FurFox fur is known for its fluffiness and suppleness and its gorgeous colors and shades. The guard hairs are lengthy and the underfur is soft and warm. Typically you’ll find the natural reddish-brown as a popular option, but back and silver coats featuring varying amounts of white or white-banded hair are common as well.

While their fur is usually used for trimming, such as at the top of a hood or around a collar, they can be used for full coats and strollers. Fox provides a luxurious feel while not being as expensive as other types of fur.

Fox is durable and also very stylish and can be found in stores year-round, but there is a downside to fox fur. It has a tendency to shed all over the place, which can be pretty annoying. The good news is that this problem isn’t permanent; with some care, you should be able to keep shedding down to a minimum. From time to time try brushing out any matting from your pelt – it could make all the difference!

Sable Fur

Sable Fur

One of the most exclusive and sought-after furs, sable fur is generally black with a glossy sheen and turns brown or dark gray as it ages. It has a silky dense texture making it feel extremely luxurious and comfortable.

Sable is often used for coats, hats, and stoles. Sables were once part of the life of Medieval nobility who hunted them as a source of expensive clothing. Even to this day, sable is still one of the most expensive pelts you can buy.

In addition to being one of the most expensive types of animal furs, sable fur continues to be popular because it has a soft, luxuriant feel as well as durability. As such it’s been an important part of fashion for centuries and continues to be today.


Coyote FurWith a light undercoat which is great for keeping you warm on frigid days, The color of natural coyote fur can range from a stunning mixture of brown, white, and black to pure gray or reddish-yellow. However, it’s common to dye this fur to any color you like, which gives it its popularity as a choice for coats and accessories.

The main disadvantage to coyote fur is that it’s not quite as soft or lustrous compared to some other types of fur, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not sought after.

Coyote fur is a type of fur that is often used in the production of heavy outerwear because of its durability and warmth. This type of fur is very durable, making it last through many seasons. It also offers more warmth than other types of furs.


Mink FurMink is one of the most luxurious types of fur and is found in shades from light to dark. It is extremely soft and has a great warmth-to-weight ratio. This makes it one of the most popular types of fur for coats and jackets.

It’s is also a very durable fur due to its dense undercoat and can be worn in all types of weather conditions, from extreme cold to summer storms.

Mink is a great fur because it has a luxurious, silky texture in addition to a beautiful sheen and long life. It’s also water-resistant and has the capacity to resist heavy winds.


Lynx FurLynx fur is generally a good choice for cold weather because of this added protection of the fur’s double coat. It’s made up of oily underfur covered by coarse guard hairs that offer warmth even when wet.

Coats and other accessories made of lynx pelts are neither heavy nor light. In terms of weight, they fall between other furs such as mink and chinchilla. They have a pleasant feel and soft texture making them highly desirable and expensive fur. Lynx is extremely durable, making them an excellent investment that will last for many years with proper maintenance.

These are some of the best furs for coats you can buy. They’re not just limited to jackets either, but any accessory you can think of. A combination of comfort, warmth, and colors makes these pelts ideal for a wide range of products.

If you’re looking for a specific type of fur, either for a gift or just treating yourself, check out our store or give us a call. We would love to help you find your next fur coat for your collection.

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