What to Know Before You Purchase a Fur Coat

5 Things to Know Before You Purchase a Fur Coat

With winter upon us and the outdoor temperatures slowly dropping, you probably began hunting for the next coat that will keep you warm all season.

And, if you are concerned about your style, then a fur coat is probably at the top of your list. After all, nothing is more elegant and chic than a natural fur coat.

Before you jump in and purchase a fur coat, we’ve outlined a few considerations you should ponder first. These will help you make a better decision as whenever you purchase fur, you’re making a long-term investment.

Find a reputable furrier; they know their stuff!

You’ve probably seen “furs” at big box stores or other shops. Still, they also have many other items for sale, such as clothes made of different materials, purses, and various other accessories. That’s because they don’t specialize in fur coats and accessories.

These shops are great for casual apparel, but when you want luxury and quality, they don’t cut it.

On the other hand, a furrier or fur salon specializes in fur and works with it every day. They’re familiar with all of the characteristics of the different types of coats, the craftsmen that make the garments, and if they’re familiar with the maintenance and care of the furs.

If you want high quality with brazen luxury, then purchase a fur coat from someone that fur is all they do.

Find a fur that fits you and your budget.

The price of fur coats ranges from a couple of thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, so be sure you find a piece that you can afford.

If money is immaterial and you can afford it, chinchilla is a solid option. Chinchilla fur is the most expensive fur in the world, but it’s also one of the softest. The fur is very different from other types because it has a distinctive sheen or shimmer, but the elegance is remarkable.

However, for that want style and glamour on a budget (relatively speaking), then mink or rabbit are great choices. Both are warm and soft but don’t have the chinchilla price tag. You can find jackets or coats made of mink or rabbit for under a couple of thousand dollars.

Regardless, be sure to find a fur that is suitable for you and your budget. Depending on the type of fur, the price range is significant, so manage your expectations accordingly.

Maintenance and upkeep of your fur.

One area we emphasize the most is the maintenance of your furs.

Maintaining a fur coat is essential for two reasons. The first reason is to keep it looking and functioning in tip-top condition. The second reason is to avoid long-term damage caused by the sun, water, and matted hair.

Before purchasing a high-end luxury fur coat, understand what is required to maintain the coat. Some furs are more resilient than others and require less upkeep, while others need constant care by a professional furrier.

Additionally, think about how you’ll store your furs in the warmer months when you’re not wearing them. You might be thinking you can hang it up in a closet, which is great for short-term storage, but the humidity levels and temperatures can damage the fur long-term. This is why we recommend professional storage by a fur salon, as they’ll keep the humidity levels around 45-50% and the temperature around 50°F.

Faux fur or real fur, know the difference and the quality.

Sable Fur

If you’re not going to a furrier to purchase your coat (see our previous take on this), then be on the lookout for fake or faux furs. The fabricated piles sometimes look indistinguishable from the real deal, but a closer look will prove you wrong.

Real furs will have a more radiant look, texture, and natural colors that faux fur cannot replicate. This might be hard to tell from online photos, so make sure you get your hands on the coat or accessory and try it on.

As for the rich feel, you’re seeking, the faux fur doesn’t have a luxurious feel and has more of a coarse feel. If you’ve ever had a fur coat, you’ll know what we mean as there is no other feeling than real fur.

Vintage vs. new furs, old isn’t necessarily bad.

You might be tempted to head over to your local fur salon to see what they have in stock, but don’t neglect any vintage furs they may have on hand.

With the proper care and maintenance, a fur coat may last 50-60 years. So if you find a gorgeous mink stroller that meets your budget, don’t hesitate to try it on.

Sure, newer furs may be in touch with the latest styles and trends, which is crucial in itself; the older coats tend to have a touch of regal and class. If stored correctly and maintained by a professional furrier, the vintage fur may be of higher quality than newer fur.

Neither vintage nor newer furs are necessarily better than the other, but definitely, a consideration when purchasing a fresh coat or jacket.

If you’re considering buying a fur coat, it is vital to understand the different coats and their quality. Since not all furs are created equally, you’re going to see varying prices, styles, colors, and even faux furs on the market.

However, if you do your research before you purchase a fur coat and know what you’re looking for and where to get it, you’ll find the ideal piece that will grace your wardrobe for years to come.

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