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Navy Alpaca Cape Poncho With Royal Blue Fox Tuxedo And Hem Trim

Navy Alpaca Cape Poncho with Royal Blue Fox Tuxedo and Hem Trim

Original price was: $2,500.00.Current price is: $1,350.00.
Royal Blue Fox Cape Poncho with Black Fox Collar and Cuffs

Royal Blue Fox Cape Poncho with Black Fox Collar and Cuffs

Original price was: $2,700.00.Current price is: $1,250.00.
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Blue Fox Stroller, Jacket, and Vest

Original price was: $3,000.00.Current price is: $1,795.00.

Cold Fur Storage

Severyn Fur Salon has the best fur coats and accessories for all styles and budgets NJ and NY. Severyn Fur Salon has the highest quality of furs, leathers, shearlings and fabrics custom made, luxury furs, mink coats, fur jackets, fur coats, beautiful leathers, shearlings and specialty fabrics designed and hand crafted.

All Furs Welcome,

Furs NY, Furs NJ, Furs PA, Fur storage Macy's customers. 

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Please call in advance so we can be ready for you.

Salon Hours

  MON 10am-6pm
  TUES 10am-6pm
  WED  10am-6pm
  THU  10am-6pm
  FRI 10am-6pm
  SAT  10am-5pm
  SUN  Closed

Fur Restyling Services

Our services include fur monogram service, fur alterations, fur repairs, fur restyling services, fur cleaning, and cold fur storage. No matter where your furs are from leather, shearling, or wools, store it with us. Our cold fur storage is the best. Sometimes your fur will begin to look old fashioned or outdated and you are in need of a restyle which is where we come in. If your fur has been maintained well and in good condition we can restyle it into the jacket, coat or accessory of your choice. Instead of pushing your fur coats or accessories to the back of your closet, have them restyle with Severyn Fur Salon! With over 70 years of experience we can add years of life to your furs.

Fur Monogram Service

We do fur monogram service at Severyn Furs. Monogramming: Choose your initials or name from the largest selection of Monogram styles anywhere onto your fur garment lining. New Monogram is a great way to identify your coat easily without any doubt. Monograms can be added alongside or on top of your existing monogram. We do all work in house so sometimes you can even wait for it. Make your fur coat your own by adding an embroidered monogram in the lining or a personalized name label ribbon in the pocket. You can add a monogram to a new or used fur coat or accessory. If you have an inherited fur you might want to cover up an old monogram with a monogram frame. We will do our best to closely match the lining color and texture.

Fur Alterations & Repairs

When having signs of wear, rips, or tears it is important to address these damages quickly to prevent further damage of your fur garments with our fur alterations & repairs. Our professionals at Severyn Fur Salon can effectively repair the rips and tears as well as replace the damaged lining with a new one and hand sew it into your fur garments to keep it in top-notch condition. Adding a new lining to your fur coat will have a custom made monogram of your choice. We can transform any of your fur coats or accessories into beautiful new items of your choice.

Services Offered

Cold Fur Storage
Fur Cleaning
Fur Alterations and Repairs
Fur Restyling
Monogram Service

Severyn Furs has over 70 years of expertise caring for furs, shearlings, leathers and outerwear.

Fur Services

Trade in your old furs for one of our new Severyn Furs! Severyn Furs specializes in fur care and remodeling of fur coats and accessories for those who are looking to change up their used furs. Severyn Furs is a full service fur salon which does everything cold fur storage, start to finish including design, consultation, choosing pelts, and fitting to make sure you get the quality and style that you are looking for. We have the best in the latest fur fashion, shearlings, fur coats, fur jacket, and mink coats.

Contact Information

PHONE NUMBER: 908.925.9000
LOCATION: Severyn Fur Salon
401 North Wood Avenue
Linden, NJ 07036

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